I do passionate book design

Since 2013 I work independent for various artists, publishing houses and cultural institutions in the world of art books. After studying graphic design and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and Milan (diploma in 2011) I worked for two years at the Kehrer Publishing House.

My passion is doing artbooks. I love the process of creating a book in close collaboration with artists and curators to make it an outstanding object concerning layout, sequencing and choice of materials.

My understanding of doing books for artists, is that the artists series shapes the book. One of the most important tools is first of all: listening. The understanding for the artists work will make clear were the journey will go and what is the best way of presenting an artists work and make it an outstanding object.

I see bookmaking as a game of ping pong. We are a strong team. In the best case scenario, you are each other's biggest critic and at the same time your biggest ally. We work very closely together, and in the end the book is a shared “baby”. It's not about determining things. It is a process in which, in the best case, everyone involved learns from each other and contributes their own skills in the best possible way - with a common vision. Only that leads to the best result. This vision must also remain flexible in a way and open to developments, without the feeling that you are constantly making compromises.

»The prozess of designing a book is a bit like a puzzle. In the beginning there are a lot of loose pieces, and at some point it comes together and everything becomes more stringent and makes suddenly sense. That's a wonderful feeling.«

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