need help with your book concept?
Doing visual concepts is my favorite. I love to look and listen to your contents and develop ways how ideas can be visualized and artworks can be presented in the best way. Finding the right layers in presenting can make your body of work more profound and understandable. Everything matters...

need help with editing and sequencing?
Designing photobooks for more than 12 years I have a good eye for selecting the strongest images out of a pool, where you are swimming for a long time and maybe got lost a bit. Good sequencing is essential. It can take your work to the next level.

need help with finding the right materials?
I have a good overview what is available and a sensitive feeling what could fit your book concept best.

need help with your pdf short-portfolio?
A good portfolio is useful, when opportunity comes knocking to be ready to answer the door. It also can help financing your book by applying for grants and introduce your work to publishing houses.

need help with understanding the art book world a little better?
I would be happy to help you to understand how the art book market works and what could be next steps. Since I am in the photo book world over 12 years now I can also help out with contacts that could be useful for doing the next step and get in touch with publishing houses.

contact me HERE if interested