Soldaten_0008-0129 — Irina Ruppert

The collaboration with the photographer Irina Ruppert on the book Soldaten_0008-0129 was a long-term project. We started working on it when there was no war in Ukraine. Since then, the whole world around us has changed. Once again, we frustratingly recognize how history repeats itself and how our hope for humanity to evolve and learn from past mistakes fails. We experience anew how fragile life is, how casually it can be extinguished, and how unstable and unpredictable the world we live in is. This project for Irina Ruppert is closely linked to her own family history. Irina Ruppert's work was initiated by her involvement with her grandfather, who was conscripted into the Wehrmacht during World War II. The questions she would have addressed to her long-deceased grandfather became the basis for Soldaten_0008-0129.

Limitierte Auflage von 450 Exemplare
23 x 28 cm
80 Seiten
36 Farbabbildungen
ISBN 978-3-96900-139-4
Photographer: Irina Ruppert
Texts: Burcu Dogramaci, Irina Ruppert
Design: Hannah Feldmeier
Published by Kehrer